Content Writing; the Dos and DONT’s

Content Writing; the Dos and DONT’s

The Dos and Dont’s of Content Writing

Getting started on content writing and understanding how it works can be a little tricky. The audience, the tone, your skills, the message you want to pass across all come together to play a role in your writing style. The good thing however is, once you can follow a few basic guidelines, it will easily put you in a good position to deliver quality content.

DO remember to stay professional

As much as you need to create personal and relatable content for your online target audience, you also do not want to get too casual or personal. Some readers can get easily offended when you get too familiar with them and use certain words. Try and remain professional and even when offering personal opinions try not to make it seem like you are shoving it down their throats. One way to do this is to stay focused on the topic and not drift away too often. Keep to what you are discussing within the business context, make it relatable but not casual.

DON’T write long and boring articles

It’s okay to want to deliver quality content that is rich and well-detailed. However, long articles only work when it’s catchy enough for readers to stay glued till the very end. If your article is just long and uninteresting or not properly sectionalized, it won’t capture people’s attention. Proper research and details go a long way in fin- tuning content and this will ultimately create more interest.

DO unique and quality content

The most important thing when it comes to writing is quality and uniqueness, every other thing is secondary. What keeps your readers glued to their screens is the value-adding aspect of your writing. You can choose to do this in whatever style suits you, funny, formal, a mix of the two, but ultimately, your content has to be good. Try a fresh or different perspective of a common topic and make it unique.

 DON’T lift, steal or copy

Do not plagiarize in your project work” I feel like I can still hear my lecturers screaming these words into my ears! Well, the rules continue to apply even after school. We all get inspired from someone else’s work now and then, but to mindlessly lift content from another person and call it yours, can earn you more than failing a paper this time around, it’s a serious offense. The beauty in writing is that you can get as creative as you want when developing your content, and even if you have to get inspiration from another site, all you have to do is cite the source and give credit where it’s due.

DON’T forget to practice, the more you write, the better you get.

DO remember to be yourself and keep your writing updated.

Quality writing is developing quality content and you cannot afford to put a price on good content. Very few people are skilled and talented enough to produce superior content. Always source for the best writers.


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