How To Grow Active Social Media Followers

How To Grow Active Social Media Followers

How to grow active Social Media Followers

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Let’s get real for a minute….as business owners, we all claim at one point or another that it doesn’t matter the number of followers we have on social media but if we are being honest, we know deep down that it does matter. While having a huge number of followers doesn’t essentially translate to an instant increase in sales, it is also not insignificant.

How many times do you check the number of followers a particular account has to determine if it’s a genuine account or even if you are going to patronize that business? Like it or not, the number of followers you have on social media not only determines the reach or influence of your account, it’s also factor in the number of follow backs you’ll get.

Want to grow active social media followers that are real and will benefit your business? These basic practical tactics will help you out.


Posting engaging and relatable content that brings value will always keep your followers interested and help you gain more real-life followers. When it comes to social media and keeping your page active, content is a major key. Either you are adding a personal touch, or telling a compelling story, always ensure you keep your content unique, informative, and interesting.


The audience for each social media platform is different and your language has to be in tune with whatever platform you are working on. What will probably “blow” on Instagram might not necessarily get much attention on Twitter. So, try and study accounts similar to yours and gain insight on how to communicate with your audience.


Building a follower base is more than just posting content, you need to be active as well. Respond to comments, like posts, share, and re-post content from other accounts. This will increase your online presence especially for platforms that work with programmed algorithms. Engage in conversations, share your opinions, and get people talking.


You cannot afford to take breaks for extended periods because if you do, people are going to forget about you and move on. You will agree with me that the competition on social media these days is unrivaled, whatever business you are into, be sure to know you have over a hundred other people doing the exact business. This is why you need to be on top of your game. Post every day, sometimes more than once if you can. It will help you stay relevant and reach more people.


You probably underestimate how useful hashtags are, it’s alright though we’ve all being there. Using the right hashtags on platforms where they are valued such as Instagram will go a long way in getting you more followers. Also using location-based hashtags will help you reach people in your community and even beyond easily.

P.S-Invest in good pictures, work on your communication skills, and be consistent with your brand.

As tempting as it can be to buy followers, it is usually futile in the long run because these are people that are not active, relevant, or even interested in your business. It’s better to grow them and have a little patience while at it.



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